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Memento For You is proud to introduce a brand new line of costume jewellery created for those who have remained faithful to classic gold, spicing it up a bit with cotton cord in stunning shades. This fabulous collection of bar bracelets was made using waxed cotton and gold plated tubes. All designs are extraordinary, handmade with great care and passion in our North London studio, using only environmentally friendly and nickel free products.Trying to meet everyone’s needs, Memento For You have created a wide range of colours from classic beige, black and grey tones for smart and classy look to pretty pink, hot red and electric blue always ready to party. Using different amounts of gold plated tubes we have created 16 bar bracelets for those who like to be bold and stand out from the crowd, 8 bar bracelets still allowing you to sparkle with the amazing effect and 4 bar bracelets for simplicity enthusiasts. Memento For You custom makes to satisfy each and every customer’s personal needs. If your desire is not on our list please do not hesitate to contact us as we are open to suggestions.