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Memento For You have created their very own individual leather designs, each one different from the next, all made by hand. These bracelets and necklaces are handmade using platted leather in a variety of colours, including chocolate, black, tan & white. They currently run in two thickness's, 6mm and 4 mm. Memento For You, designs and hand makes from fine silver 999, each charm that hangs from these stunning bracelets & each bead that sits perfectly around the thickness of the leather necklaces. Available for men and women, these fabulous pieces are unisex and can be custom made to suit each ones personality. Memento For You can also custom make a silver charm with the option to choose your own wording or emboss a pattern of your choice onto the silver, suiting each & every customers desire, making the design personal and special. Each necklace and bracelet is finished off with sterling silver 925, clasps and fittings.